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01:49am 19/05/2007
  Daniel Lives  

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06:26pm 30/09/2004
mood: happy
Stephen King lecture last Sunday was off the meat hook.

Green Day at Irving Plaza was off the fucking meter... like.. say the meter ends at 10 ... this shit went straight to 345,782 ... I'd say that's pretty far off the meter.

I have pictures from the show .. perhaps I post them if I can get them on to my site.

Saturday is They Might be Giants at Irving Plaza.. I'm sure that show is going to be pretty far off the fucking meter too.. but not as high as the Green Day show.. maybe a few thousand notches below.. but still up there.

Sunday I move in with the brother. Then I begin to have no money because I still haven't gotten my fucking raise at work ... cock suckers.

and hopefully .. sometime in the future .. I'll be working in Hong Kong Disneyland!

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03:26am 24/09/2004
  I just applied for a job at Disneyland Hong Kong.. I hope I get it!  

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08:20pm 20/09/2004
  Friday was better

I went to a lecture at the 92nd street Y last night and caught Stephen King being interviewed by Charlie Rose. It was fantastic .. I can't wait to get Dark Tower 7 tomorrow ..or Wednesday ...whenever it comes out.

Tomorrow is Green Day at Irving Plaza... to all Lj friends outside of nyc or unfamiliar with Irving Plaza.. its this decently sized venue..maybe holds 500 people tops.. and Green Day playing there is a very big deal in my book... and it's the launch party for the new album so Imma cop that shit and hopefully take some awesome up close shots of the band!

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02:56am 19/09/2004
  ...I really wish this pain would go away ...its been over a month now...but I cant help but feel completely worthless... even though theres so much good in my life  

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07:01pm 08/09/2004
mood: skank it to da rhythm
After I got home last night ... me dee and her buddy meg went and saw Garden State. By far my favorite movie of the year.. Zach Braff is my new boyfriend .. and Natalie Portman can tag along cause shes so cute in the flick... such an awesome performance....and she looks uber adorable in her little helmet hehe.. we're all gonna go on a road trip and I'll make em listen to hardcore music and take turns cuddling with me!! hehe

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06:54pm 08/09/2004
mood: totally FREAKED!
I'm back from my vacation...and I'm alive and well... it takes more than some faggot hurricane to stop me from getting home. I feel a lot better than I did since some of my earlier posts.. I'm over all that bullshit ... I know it was stupid of me to get all torn up over some dingy broad but I can't help myself... I'm a ridiculously emotional bastard..always have been...always will be ... so fuck it.. for now on .. I'm just gonna go with the flow and not sweat the bullshit.

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03:52am 28/08/2004
  Dear anyone who gives a shit,

I'm going to Florida tomorrow... so I won't be around for the next week.... not that anyone will probably care... I plan on resting and overcoming all the bullshit that I've been facing for the last few weeks...hopefully ...the next time I update... you will see a new Danny updating!! Have a fine week all....and I look forward to checking out everyones LJs soon!

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OMG IM SO PUNK!!11!   
08:07pm 18/08/2004
mood: excited
I decided to dye my hair yesterday .... so I went adventuring! first stop was sally's for some dye and dye accessories... then to coconuts to visit the ex and try and get some tasty freebies ... walked out with a primo cd case for 10 bucks... it looks like one of those big shiny dj cd cases.. only shrunk down. Then it was off to the mall to try and find a replacement for my aviator shades which were broken over the winter... the only ones I found that were suitable replacements were like 20 bucks..and I wasn't digging that... I got my originals for free.. and I just wouldn't feel right buying some shitty replacements for 20 bucks. By sheer luck.. I stumbled upon the greatest underwear of all time... I found a pair of boxer briefs with an apple around the peehole... so when i got a chubby.. it totally looks like a worm coming out of the apple... only it's my COCK! hahahahahaha!!!!1 get it!!!1!! a cock!! maybe I'll take some pics in em .. anybody want an apple?!

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11:21pm 15/08/2004
  Oh yeah ! Thursday I'm going to Boston for theWarped Tour 10th anniversary show! It's been quite awhile since I went on a road trip so I'm psyched to the max. We're going from Thursday until Sunday so that means lots of sight seeing in bean town... possibly starting trouble at a red sox game... and going to cheers for the sole purpose of screaming HEY NORM! .. cause I bet nobody has ever done that before there!  

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11:44pm 01/08/2004
  Woooooooooo ! this weekend totally rocked ass ...and made up for the dreaded birthday weekend!

First off...Friday night was They Might Be Giants ant prospect park with Corn Ma ! Super fantasticness ensued... TMBG was awesome.. and Corn Ma was great ... he rocks the only accordion ... drank many a beer and bought some great merchandise! I've always wanted a big foam finger and now I own my very own TMBG foam finger! hehe and a rocking NO! shirt... it's yellow ... and I'm not usually a fan of yellow.. but I had to have it

Saturday was my birthday present from Donald and Betty ... lots of hot wings and scooners! anyone not familiar with a scooner.. it's a big ass glass of beer! so we get there .. meet bettys good friend Kirstin.. and I was quite taken by miss Kirstin hehe.. the movie was awesome..and after that went and hung out at this bar cousins... then we left and hung out at back at my place and laid around making out and stuff til 6oclock today... then I took her to the train .. went to Razes and got a ride to the movies and saw the Village... super fantastic! hehe ... what a great weekend!

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02:30am 30/07/2004
  I haven't believed any of the hype about Family Guy coming back with new episodes.... but I do now .. because Seth himself announced it at the end of hosting his favorite Family Guy episodes! ::: cums :::  

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partay in de ghetto   
06:14pm 27/07/2004
mood: o0o
Many changes are coming.... by September I will be living free of the parents finally when I move in with my brother to fill the void left by his roommate who will be shipped off to a nice little jail cell somewhere upstate... and I've left my dart team and started one of my own... I have decided that I wont be captain because I don't feel I've had enough experience in the game yet to take up such a task... so it is my team.. but I turning over control for the time being to my friend Todd.. and I'm either getting a fat raise at work ... or quitting and taking a new job in the city I've been offered ... I'm giving them a week to get me that fat raise or I'm giving them my 2 week notice and jetting

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09:05pm 25/07/2004
  Ha! Hosed again! Raze was planning on taking me to the Hustler club tonight .... but of course that fell through because of two other assholes who decided they didn't want to go on a Sunday night ... so instead of tell us at 7 that they didn't want to go .. they fucking ignored their phones until 9 pm ... ruining my night... fucking assholes.. i switched schedules and everything for this and those assholes have to pull this shit at 9 ... god forbid anything planned for me goes right this weekend... fuck i hate everyone  

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09:20pm 24/07/2004
  Guess how the birthday weekend is going!!




That's right! It's going really shitty! There was supposed to be a rooftop party at the steino mansion tonight in my honor ... but I was talked into doing that on Sunday night so I could go to some karoke bar tonight and rock the fuck out.... of course those plans were quickly laid to waste by two complete asshole girls who didn't want to go all of a sudden because they thought it was going to be a sausage party thus causing other boys in the group to pull out too on account of the lack of vagina...... so rooftop party cancelled and moved to a lame ass Sunday when no one can stay out all night because they have work on Monday .... and karoke cancelled by two dumb sluts ....... so I get to go hang out in the same boring ass bar I always go to because everyone I know is a complete fucking asshole... happy birthday me

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06:53pm 20/07/2004

I am the enraged wombat ... ::: makes enraged wombat sounds::::::

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Oh dip   
10:14pm 19/07/2004
  Sunday is my birfday ... and I DEMAND lots of presents .. so get on it bitches... NOW!  

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here is me ranting .. if you don't like it .. go fuck yourself   
12:16am 15/07/2004
mood: My subject line is never
I've been thinking a lot lately about a lot. I don't think I can take living in this city much longer .. it is driving me insane . The people... the prices.. the traffic... the filth.. everything about the city is killing me... I find myself becoming more and more bitches as the years pass... I used to be such a nice person .. now .. I don't want to help anyone ... awhile back .. I saw someone having what looked to be a heart attack on the street and I just ignored the mans cries for help and kept walking.. a younger me would have tried to help but now an older more cynical me just said fuck off and kept walking... either the guy was crazy and just faking the attack for attention or really was having some fucked up heart problems made no difference to me.. I just hoped it was one less person to bother me during my roaming . I am seriously entertaining the idea of moving out west .. for what I pay in rent here I can rent an entire house in Kansas for... and apparently I can earn the same wages there as I do here. I was always under the impression that people got paid less out west because of the lower cost of living compared to nyc .. but that isn't true at all ... with my salary out there.. I could own some kick ass property and a nice house after saving for a few years. try doing that in Brooklyn .. even the shittiest house in Brooklyn cost at least 500 grand .. its neigh impossible to own your own house anymore in Brooklyn ..yet people continue to move here... well ... if all things go my way for the next few months.. there will be one less citizen of this fucked borough .

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11:20pm 11/07/2004

You may not know me.. but I am deeply in love with you. It is not just your looks that have made me swoon all these years.. it is your amazing comic timing and wit that has me flustered. When I see you I feel giddy as a school girl .. especially when you talk in french .. that just gets my noodle boiling teehee. Anyway .. I just wanted to let you know that I long for you and perhaps one day we can make out like dirty dirty boys!

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05:03pm 01/07/2004

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